Scripture Typer – APP Review

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” – Psalm 119:11


These words written by David in Psalm 119 have always been a goal that I aim for. But I have found that in the business of life, it is heard to make the time to sit down and memorize scripture like I would like to. Until a few months ago when my good friend told me about an app called Scripture Typer. Scripture Typer is an iPhone and Android app that helps you memorize scripture in many different ways, and the best part is it works.

First, I should point out that Scripture Typer is not only a mobile app. It is connects with When you create an account, everything you do automatically syncs across all the platforms. After quickly creating an account, I was able to go online, enter in a few verses that I wanted to work on and in minutes I was out the door and on my way while reviewing verses on my iPhone. Even more, you can create groups online. This is perfect if you want to have accountability or if you just want to memorize scripture with a friend.


Now to focus on the mobile app. As I said above, what makes this app great is the fact that it works. It does this so well by offering you several different methods of memorizing the scripture you want to.

The main method of memorization Scripture Typer offers is a three step method. The first step is called “Type It.” In this step, the app shows you the whole verse and you simply type the first letter of every word in order. This caused me to really think about what each word was and not fall into my normal mode of simply copying the letters on the screen, which usually leaves me not paying attention to what I am really typing. As you type the scripture it will show you each error you make with a red word. At the end of typing a verse the app gives you a percentage score based on your accuracy.

Once you feel like you have conquered the “Type It” mode, you can then move on to the next step: “Memorize It.” This step is almost exactly like the “Type It” mode, but with one difference. In the “Memorize It” mode, Scripture Type removes every other word from the scripture. This causes you to begin to solidity the scripture to memory as you have to remember the words that are missing as you type it out. Further, Scripture Typer keeps you on your toes as it removes different words each time you review it.

Finally, when you have reached the level of accuracy that you desire within “Memorize It” mode, you can flex your memorizing muscles in the third step: “Master It.” In the “Master It” mode, you simply get a blank screen and your keyboard. There are no words to help you remember the scripture. You must remember each word from memory as you type. It is at this point when you discover if you have truly mastered the scripture or if you need to possibly head back to the “Memorize It” mode for a little longer.

Once you have mastered a scripture, it moves into your “Review List.” This is the list of verses you have received a 90% or more accuracy rating on in the “Master It” mode. Scripture Typer then assigns a day rotation of review for the verse. If you get a good accuracy percentage, Scripture Typer will wait for four to six days and then send you a notification to review the scripture again and prove that you still have the passage mastered.

Scripture Typer also has other elements to help you memorize the scriptures you want and give you reasons to keep memorizing more. If you are a person that memorizes better using nemonic  devices, Scripture Typer gives you the ability to create illustrations for each verse. I am terrible at drawing on my iPhone. So, I did not use this feature much, but I am sure there are many people out there that would love this feature. Also, if you are someone who is a little competitive, Scripture Typer gives you a rating for how well you are memorizing scripture. You can then see where you rank on the leaderboards. Want to have a higher rating? Then you better start memorizing!

Scripture Typer is a mobile app that is different than anything I have ever seen before on the app store. It is fun to use, simple to understand and it works. If you are someone who wants to memorize scripture but struggle to find a method that works for you, I recommend you check out Scripture Typer.


You can download Scripture Typer for $6.99, on both the iTune App Store (Click Here) and Android market (Click Here).

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Step Out Of Bed! – An Alarm Clock That Always Works – App Review

Step Out Logo

Do you ever find yourself waking up to the sound of your alarm clock only to quickly press your snooze button and fall right back asleep? Then you discover that another hour has passed and you are going to be late for work, school, etc? This was my daily situation not too long ago and it frustration me to no end. I never woke up when I wanted to.

On this blog, I try to focus on writing things having to do with church leadership or spiritual formation. I am very aware writing a review of a alarm clock app doesn’t really fit into ether of these categories or does it? Before I get to that, let me tell you about “Step Out Of Bed!” and how it has revolutionized my life.

Step Out 1

Step Out Of Bed! Smart Alarm Clock was developed by WeHelp and is build around a simple concept. They created an alarm clock that does exactly what it is titled. The app functions like a normal alarm clock. You set a time that you would like the alarm to go of and there are a few features you can tweak. You can wake up to the iTunes library on your iPhone. Also, you can activate a shake to snooze function, but where Step Out Of Bed! really shines, is in its two ways of turning off the alarm once is goes off.

The first option is my personal favorite, it is called the “Get out of bed” mode. and that is exactly it. In order to turn off the alarm, you must get out of bed and take a total of 20 or more steps with your iPhone. When I told my wife about this function, she replied, “So, you can just shake it and make it think you are walking somewhere?” The answer is NO YOU CAN’T! I am not sure how exactly it does it, but if you stand in one spot for too long and shake the iPhone, it will give you a message accusing you of cheating. Then it restarts the step counter.

Step Out 2

The second option is called “Force to go somewhere.” In this function, before you go to bed you take a picture of a location in your house that you want to be at when you wake up (in the bathroom, in the kitchen, by the coffee pot, etc). Then when the alarm goes off, you must go to the predetermined location and take a photo matching the opine you took the night before. The app then analyzes the two photos to determine if you are in the same location or not.

Step Out 3

There is one thing that I wish was available in this app. There is only one display choice for your clock. It would have been nice to have a few different display options to choose from. Apart from this one thing, this app from WeHelp does exactly what I needed it to do and I can honestly say that I have awaken every morning at the exact time I wanted to for the last three months that I have been using this app.

Now back to the question of, “Why am I writing about an alarm clock app?” Spiritual development has a lot to do with self discipline. We have to be intentional about seeking after God and letting Him shape us. For me, before anyone else is awake in my home, I spend time studying the Bible and praying. The morning time is when I have found to fit the best for me. I also understand can be at different times for different people. So, I write about this app because it has helped me in developing the discipline I needed to wake up in the mornings.

So if you are a person that needs something to help develop the self discipline of waking up to meet with God or if you simply need an alarm clock app to wake you up every morning, look no further that WeHelp’s “Step Out Of Bed!” app.

Click here If you would like to download “Step Out Of Bed!” from iTunes (Cost: $0.99) or find out more about the app by visiting:

7 Features You’ll Love About iOS 7


I am a lover of technology and I am always a fan on innovation and improvements. Apple’s iOS 7 was released just a little bit ago, and I have had some time to fiddle around with it and I wanted to make a list of seven features that I love and hope you would love about the new iOS 7.

1. Spotlight Easier To Open


The spotlight search is now easier to get to. Whenever you are on your home screen or any page of your home screens, you simply swipe down from the middle of the screen and spotlight appears. This makes it even more easy to look up a contact or start up any app really quickly. Now you can keep your apps super organized into folders and still get to them with ease.

2. Control Center (My Controls Are Right At My Fingertips)


I am sure that many people were looking forward to some amazing new features coming in iOS7, but I will honestly admit that I was looking forward to the quick access to my brightness controls the most. iOS7 comes with a new feature called “control center.” From anywhere, you can swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone or iPad and a pane will slide up with all sorts of controls. One being the brightness controls, but also many other great functions.

3. Folders Are Bigger!


You might be asking yourself, “How do you improve a folder?” The answer to that question is simple. You make it bigger! Now you can hold so many more apps in each folder. So get to organizing!

4. Swipe At Notification Center Launches App


A simple addition to the new iOS is in the notifications that pop-up on your lock screen. When one shows up, you can swipe left to right across the notification and your iPhone or iPad opens to the app associated to the notification. This is one addition that makes your iPhone and iPad work better for your productivity.

5. Improved Multi-tasking 


Multi-Tasking has been greatly improved on iOS7. When you double-click your home screen your list of open apps will appear. In iOS7 you are now shown a window of how the app looked when you left it. This makes it easier to quickly recognize what app you are wanting to access.

Another feature added to multi-tasking is the swipe to close function. If you want to completely close down an app you just swipe up on the window preview of the app.

6. built in level


The title of this feature explains it all. It is nothing too revolutionary. It is a simple tool that is nice to have built in.

7. your background changes the whole feel to your phone

IMG_1970 IMG_1969 IMG_1971

The last feature that I love about iOS7 the simple way that your wallpaper can dramatically change the look of your whole iPhone or iPad. This becomes an even better feature for people who want their phone theme to match their iPhone case.

So, those are some of my new favorite of iOS 7.  Let me know what your favorite new feature is in a comment below.