Dance Party For The Win! – Walk To Mt Doom Day 1 Reflection

Five miles a day is a lot!

I am now one day into my journey to Mt. Doom, with my friend Levi. Yesterday I successfully walked 5.34 miles. According to my Vivofit 2 that is a total of 11,796 steps. At the end of the day my thought was… that’s a lot of steps!

As I was racking up the steps today, I discovered a few things.

First, I realized that Sam never left Frodo’s side. If I am to journey with Levi as my Sam, we need to always be together. Now.. I don’t be literally. What I realized is that my milage tracker did not have us journeying together, but taking two different journeys. Depending on how many miles we each walked, one of us could be ahead of their other and not be together on the journey.

I figured out a fix. The journey to Mt Doom is 1779 miles. In order that we are journeying together, I double the total miles and subtract our combined miles to determine our location on the journey.

This does two things. 1. We will always be together on a journey and 2. We are now actually working together to get to Mt. Doom.

The second thing I discovered today is how much work it takes to get to five miles of walking. This is what has lead my to my post title. After dinner, I realize I had a little over 2,000 steps to reach my 5 mile/11,000 steps goal for the day. I did not see how I could possibly get these steps in. I had already took my walk for the day.


The beauty of my two young sons is how they love to have dance parties. I turned on some epic music (the Ultimate Toddler Playlist: and we danced out hearts out!

I danced the rest of my steps with them and reached my goal of 5 miles. Thanks boys! You got me there!

It was a great first day! I reached my goal of over 11,000 steps and had a great walk with my boys for a couple miles! Now on to day two. It will be a work day. I’m interested to see how my work schedule impacts my walking distance. Only time will tell.