Leadership Starts With You – Book Review

Leadership Starts With You

Trust is a big deal. It helps us know that we can rely on something or someone to do exactly what he or she says they will do. The same is true when it comes to leadership. Tim Milburn addresses this issue of trust within leadership in his book, properly titled, “Leadership Starts With You: If I can’t trust you to lead YOU, how can I trust you to lead ME?”

“The investment you make in you is actually an investment in those whom you’ll influence.”

Milburn’s book on leadership is as straight forward as the title makes it seem. There is not a lot of beating around the bush. Leadership Starts With You is a little book full of practical and applicable leadership truths that anyone can apply to his or her life. Milburn’s leadership principles are prefect for someone trying to develop better leadership within their career, but these principles branch far beyond the work space. These lesson apply to every aspect of your life: work, school, family, health, personal goals and so on.

Milburn’s book revolves around a simple rule; The Rhodium Rule. Milburn writes,

Rhodium is a chemical element (chemical symbol Rh and atomic number 45) listed among the most precious metals on earth (in between Platinum and Gold). It is often used as a coating on white gold to improve its luster and on sterling silver to reduce tarnish… Rhodium is added to other precious metals to help them look better, last longer, and enhance their personal qualities.

From this Milburn formed his Rhodium Rule stating

“Do unto yourself what will inspire the best in others.”

From this simple rule, Milburn begins to flesh out what it looks like to lead yourself in better ways. In some ways, it is hard to say much more about Milburn’s book without explaining every detail. One thing I can confidently say is this, Leadership Starts With You has been one of most impacting books in my life. It has reshaped how I look at my career, my family and myself. This book is a must read for anyone wanting to lead people but even more it is perfect for anyone that wants to lead his or herself better.

You can pick up Leadership Starts With You online at amazon.com ($8.09 paperback or $4.99 kindle) and if you’d like to find out more about Tim Milburn and his leadership training visit: http://www.TimMilburn.com